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The Osteoporosis BookTo advance knowledge of bone and joint health as integral to people's well-being.

Bone Health Basics

Tips for preventing and managing osteoporosis

Our mission is to advance understanding and knowledge of strong bones and healthy joints, through education on the advantages of early adoption of nutrition and fitness, and identification and management of obstacles to skeletal health wellness, an integral part of living healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our story

For nearly three decades, Trelle Health has been helping health care providers understand bone health from the patient’s perspective and helping patients understand what health care providers do. Gwen Ellert, principal of Trelle Health, along with co-authors pharmacist Alan Low and rheumatologist John Wade, published The Osteoporosis Book: Bone Health, a self-help book for both health care providers and patients. As well, Trelle has developed education programs for health care providers who are not as familiar with osteoporosis so that they can identify, educate and appropriately triage and refer high risk patients.

The major focus of our work is fracture prevention. The four editions of The Osteoporosis Book: Bone Health cover changes and advancements in care over the past two decades. They address the importance of appropriately identifying, diagnosing and treating patients at risk due to primary cause of bone loss, genetics, age-related changes, menopause and lifestyle as well as secondary, and often preventable, causes of bone loss, such as disease and medication.

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From books, educational seminars to workshops

We work with care providers and their patients, emphasizing quality of life when living with a chronic disease, such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.


What people are saying about Trelle Health

“A must read for everyone — male or female — over 40! . . .a comprehensive reference and guide for this widely under-diagnosed disease, and should be in every home.”

American Bone Health

". . . it has addressed the important factors that people need to know about education of osteoporosis and treatment. . . I like the fact that you have some case studies or case stories that tell a little bit about some of the people who have had osteoporosis.”

Mark Olson, MD, Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists

“. . . this book will be of particular interest to people who suffer from osteoporosis, their relatives and the healthcare professionals who care for them.”

Jonathan D. Adachi, MD, FRCPC

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