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Our Interprofessional Fracture Prediction and Prevention Program supports the recommendation of the World Health Organizations Bone and Joint Initiative to shift from disease awareness to a more seamless coordinated care and quality of life focus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of people at risk of osteoporosis and future fractures.

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Recognizing that most fragility fractures are manageable and often preventable, we promote the importance of building and maintaining bone strength before the age of 30. Understanding how bones grow and develop and how to prevent bone loss and prevent the first fracture is a reoccurring theme in our books. They are written for health professionals and for patients, their families and everyone interested in maintaining their bones throughout their lives.

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Let’s Talk Biosimilars is a short online video explaining how newer, less expensive medicines called biosimilars have to market around the world. It is intended to help people with illnesses in making choices about using biosimilars in their treatment.

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